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Thanks to Corey doing such a great review I can speed mine up and get down to the business end of this product! First I would like to thanks OPT for giving us a chance to win these products to test them out. That really says a lot about a company when they encourage people to opening test their products and give reviews good or bad. That being said lets get down to my testing. My test will be my own car, half done with Opti-Clean and half done with ONR and new Opti-Mitt. ONR was mixed up 1oz per 2 gallons as per label. Opti-clean came pre-mixed in the 18oz bottle ready to rock and roll. And as with any test I do, usually I push the products pasted the recommended use. I test all my products before I use them on customers cars and want to know what a product can and can't do. My car dirt is pasted the point of what OOC was designed for I think :)


Pics before we get down to business







Pic of half the hood done with OOC and Optimum Multi-purpose MF towel




Pic of final results




Yay for swirl free results, to bad OOC can't repair road rash :( My hood is in bad shape. So in the end there of course pros and cons to all products.


1. Speed vs ONR, OOC wins, you don't have to mix solution at your house or customers which saves your a couple minutes right off the bat, then having to walk back and forth to your wash bucket, instead you can carry OOC with you.

2. Cleaning ability on trim and the finished look. I tested this on old wax that was on the wiper blades and trim of my wife's mothers car and it rocked, not only did it remove the specs of old wax fast but left a really nice protected look on the trim. Also plastic molding, bumper plastics, air vents near the hoods of most vehicles, all turned out nicely with OOC.

3. Safe to use, although it feels weird not having much liquid between your MF towel and paint it really surprised me with being able to remove the dirt and not leave swirls/scratches on my paint, even pasted what is recommended use.

4. Leaves short-term protection on the paint and a nice slick feel.

5. Rocks on door jams



1. Cost vs ONR, Oz per oz I would have to say ONR wins, but then again if your customers in a hurry and on a time limit you can complete the job for them in less time and make money you possibly might not of been able to.

2. You have to use a lot of MF towels, they will get dirty quick if the car is really dirty like mine was :)

3. You need to pay close attention while cleaning paint, its easy to miss spots on lightly soiled paint, but then again I guess that's a con to all washing products.


Overall this has a place in my go to products I will find myself using. When time is more important then money I would use this over ONR, but on heavily soiled cars I would still take ONR over OOC just for my minds own safety. If nothing else just using this on exterior trim is worth buying more. As with any OPT product I've tested, this one doesn't disappoint :)

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Another great review, thanks for sharing! :thumbsupup[1]:

You mentioned that your paint has a nice slick feel, I was wondering how long ago your LSP was applied? By the pics it looks like only a few days.

Another bonus!


Just a side note. Enjoy being able to work outside in December. We Hoosiers aren't doing any car detailing outside anytime soon. Temps around 20 deg with approx 5" of snow. :crying[1]:

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Great review...another reason to try another product!


It works great on bird poo also! I'm living in the country now and noticing since I no longer park in a garage at night we have been getting bombed. OOC took care of it with no marring/scratches :) I would recommend just carrying the ready to use bottle in your car and a MF towel in a zip lock bag....atleast this is what I'm now doing :)

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