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My neighbour wanted me to get the water spots out of his jet ski and do something to try to protect it as much as possible against having them reappear. This is what I did:

I almost didn't write this as I only have 4 outdoor after pics and I didn't want people saying it was a lousy job and he didn't take many shots. The owner came before I had a chance to shoot any pics and I had to go to where we had my daughter's birthday party booked. I snapped 4 shots off on my iphone in the driveway as I helped him push it back to his house.

The craft is in lake water all season and even gets washed with lake water. The customer wanted 2 things:

1) get rid of the water spots

2) max protection against re-occurrence

And he wanted it as cheap as possible. I quoted him 4 hours labour + $30 surcharge for using Opti Coat.

Here's what i was up against:













The first attempt was using M105 and a small blue pad. The pad was not aggressive enough and I really was not able to use a machine on the orange which also had a lot of spots on it. That left me with 105 by hand...or....oh, yeah, I had forgotten I had bought a bottle of Danase Water Spot Remover after having seen a thread Jason did with a black Avalanche.

The instructions say to let it dwell for about 30 seconds. That was not doing a good enough job. I put it on a white terry towel and rubbed it in and let it dwell for about a minute. Without removing it, I rubbed more in and let it dwell for another minute. That was removed with a mf. Water spots gone. I followed that up with Krud Kutter at 100% to neutralize the acid.

The black painted areas got compounded with M205 and a white LCC pad with my Dynabrade. It cleaned the paint and gave a great shine. No correction was even attempted. I was over the time allotted so it was just going to be a matter of making it shine.




I was hoping to remove some of the water spots with the cleaning stage, but that was a fail. I first sprayed Zep Citrus (4:1) on the paint and let it dwell. I then foamed it with DG 901/Citrus mix and let that dwell followed by a wash with 901. There was no LSP left but lots and lots of water spots were also left. I could have skipped the APC stage I believe.
















Some 50/50 shots of Danase WSR:







Danase's done its magic (but not polished yet):







Using Opti Coat:


I tried my OC once again. Before applying the OC, I wiped down the paint with Varsol. I have applied it with a foam applicator pad in the past. I tried that again and it worked as it always had. I then tried it with a cotton makeup pad that I use for CQ. I found that I used less product that way. I would apply it to an area and immediately go over it again to even it out and make sure I had 100% coverage. I let it dry for about 2 minutes and then removed it with a mf. (Pakshak soft purple one). I then did a 2nd coat after a minute or so doing the same procedure.

I found that OC is not a smooth surface when completed. Even after curing for more than 24 hours, it was not smooth like CQ is. I hit it with some ReLoad and presto, it was slick.




















Thanks for looking.



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Major turnaround richy, was he pleased? He should probably invest in a cover. I know you'd like OC to feel slicker, but aren't we always preaching not to touch the paint unnecessarily? :bottom[1]: Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Chris. Yes, he was quite pleased. I had to run b/c we were doing my daughter's birthday party so I didn't get a chance to talk to him as much as I usually do. Nor did I shoot the afters (outside ones) with my Nikon which would have yielded better shots. Oh well. At least I had my phone in my pocket to shoot these shots. Preach all you want about not touching it, it's like having a woman with a killer body...looking at it just ain't enough, LOL.


Nice turnaround!!

thanks very much.

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Looks great Richy. Where do you get Krud kutter?

Sal, I'm becoming a huge fan of KK. It has cleaned up some nasty things for me. The cool thing is it's available OTC at Home Depot and Lowes. HD usually has it in their paint department b/c it's sold as an overspray remover. Get it by the gallon for about $12. It also does a pretty decent job at removing red stains in carpet...as you know, they are the worse.

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OC will work on any exterior vehicle surface except porous rubber.


Great, thanks Chris :) has anyone tested to see if on boats it wears pretty quick? Due mainly to the boat going through the water creating friction. I've been getting more and more boats recently, trying to figure out something that will smoke any competitors :)

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I have a friend who just purchased at boat at the Bass Pro Shop down here in Harlingen. I'm going to place the Opti-Coat to it before it hits the water. It will be kept in a warehouse not too far away from the Gulf of Mexico in the ranch land. If I'm allowed to take pics, I will try to post it here in the forum.

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