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The other day I was asked to detail an 02 Porsche 911 non-turbo, chatting with the customer decided on a one step polish aiming for around 50-60% defect removal. After playing around with a few polishes/pads decided on Polish II via griot d/a with griot orange pads in some spots and orange lc hydro's in others. Polish II seems a little runny, so I was wondering on its capability on defect removal. Not only did it do a great job, around 60% defect removal it finished down really nice and was easly removed following the suggested spray OCW to remove. Another great thing polish II is good for is adding it to poly seal, a 70% poly seal/30% polish II mix, great defect removal/paint cleaning and still nice protection, thanks again Chris for the idea :)


Heres a few before and after pics.








After WG Fuzion







Summary, for one step corrections Polish II is gonna give you great defect removal along with finishing down really nice, and has other uses if you wanna add it to a cleaner wax like poly seal :)

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Polish ll is a fantastic polish. As you stated, decent correction ability coupled with a nice finish. I too have been mixing with Poli Seal for a superior 1 step product.


Great work on the Porsche! Thanks for taking the time to share it with us and for the review. :thumbsupup[1]:

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Thanks for the review Perfections! I'm going to have to try this stuff out sooner or later. Just need to get through some of my current stock of polish first. The car looks very nice but for some reason the forum won't let me see the whole pictures! Just partial strips. Gonna check back later to see if it works better for me.

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Unless the pictures are hiding something, that looks like about 85% correction to me. Fantastic results! Thanks for sharing. :thumbsupup[1]:

In reality alot of spots were closer to 85 but I had told the customer I was aiming for 50-60 with only one step and could only achieve 85+% with a 2 step process which cost more so he opted for the one step. This polish seemed to have a near infinite working time and on all the panels that reflect light upward I did about 10 passes very slowly in a 2x2 ft area before I lifted the d/a to move to the next spot. Needless to say your right the top panels were probably closer to 80-85 with a griots orange pad, the orange hydros weren't giving me those kinda results. But the smaller hydros were used in some spots due to size and those spots only netted around 60% so I assumed the orange hydros were less aggressive then the orange griots. Thanks for checking it out and the kind words :)

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