Best way to clean MF towels after using them for ONR or OC?


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Looks like the weather should be getting nicer here in NY next week so I'm looking to either do a powerwash at a self serve car wash followed by OC, or hopefully a full ONR wash. In the past I've only used MF mitts or grout sponges for ONR, but I'd like to try MF towels (and of course I have to use MF towels if I use the OC). I'm assuming that they are going to get very dirty by the time I'm done. I currently own micro restore and an all purpose cleaner (not optimum brand) am wondering what the best way to clean my towels is.


Immediately after I wash the car should I soak the towels in 'something' and then throw them in the washing machine with the micro restore? Should I soak them in water with some APC (or even some concentrated Dawn)? Then wash them with the micro restore? Or just throw them in the washer with microrestore (and/or add APC?)


If they still come out looking dirty, is it ok to re-use them if they pass a CD scratch test?


Thanks for any thoughts!!!

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Micro restore isn't necessary every time from my understanding. You should only wash MFA on warm and not hot and medium heat if you dry them...that yields much better results that hot water for some reason. A second rinse cycle may be necessary if you load too many towels at one wash. Staining from ONE is harmless, but staining from cleaning wheels may have bits of metal so always keep your body and wheel towels separate. A cheap soak is Dawn or any detergent if you think you need it.


I've had good luck with dawn and sometimes a little vinegar thrown in helps with stains after a ONR wash. I do my pads the same way in the sink with some folex thrown in for stubborn stains.

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22 hours ago, Lowejackson said:

Chris used to be a OPT rep and did a huge amount of work on the forums but when he left he also removed his comments, which is a shame as a lot of knowledge was removed.

Thanks Jackson...

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