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Anthony Orosco

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Wow....the paint on the 911 cab & murcielago are stunning......damm....what did you use....Opti spray wax?


Thanks Iceman and Bullet :)


The 911 cab has Trade Secret paste wax on it and the Lambo, which was Jesse Jame's, is all done in Opti-spray wax.


Jesse James traded that lambo plus a Ferrari 575 for a Porsche GT.



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Crap! I helped you with half of those cars.

I guess every Bat Man needs an Alfred. :thumbsupup[1]:




OMG Ron...... LOL ! that dude with the glasses is too dam funny. you guys sure get to detail some sweet rides there. insert mega drool pic here !!!!!! as always " both" of you turn out some great work. two thumbs up from this peanut gallery. thanks for the pics.

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