Opti-Clean dilution ratios?


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Good day,


I heard Chris mention on another forum that Opti-Clean could possibly be used at a 2oz/1qt ratio (1:16, same as ONR at QD strength) as a spray and wipe product. I was just wondering if I read that correctly and what other ratios members here have tried?


My own experiences with the 1:3 ratio were that it got a little too streaky and didnt wipe down that cleanly (probably due to the waxes/sealants on my paint). I was thinking of trying a 1:7 ratio (half strength) and see how that works out... any thoughts?

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Well you got the concentrated version and you got the ready-to-use version which is basically diluted 1:3 compared to the concentrate. I dont think it makes a difference if you use it neat.

I also wouldnt use it to clean MF towels.  

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There was a thread around 2011-2012 where Dr. G stated 1:4 was a good multipurpose dilution for OptiClean, so I've been using it at that ratio ever since.

It works well for all your purposes, including pre-spray for an ONR wash, waterless exterior cleaning and all non-cloth interior surfaces, including leather and Nav screens. I carry a small spray bottle in my console and clean my tan leather steering wheel and shift knob regularly if I'm in a traffic jam.



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