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Really considering using Opti Coat 2.0. I've heard conflicting reports on prep, so I thought I would come straight to the source. Now, I've heard that if Optimum Polishes are used, just a damp MF wipe is needed. With other polishes, I have heard using power clean, dawn, or IP alcohol. I've also heard some use Car Pro Eraser.


Can anyone confirm the process if optimum polishes are used? Also, in your opinion, what's the best prep method if using other polishes?



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From what I have heard on other forums is that if using Meguires 105 I beleieve (maybe it's 205) then you will need to use an IPA and Optimum Power Clean to get rid of the residue. Supposedly IPA (rubbing alcohol/water) alone will not completely get rid of the oils that are in that compound/polish. I use IPA with Optimum products too just because the fact that your hands have oils on them and even though I try not to ever touch the car with my bare hands, you never know if someone else has, sweat dripped, etc.

I recommend IPA wipe down then go back over with a plain dry microfiber towel for removal of any streaks then apply Opti Coat 2.0.

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Hi Chris


Please confirm I understand you correctly. You can wipe down with Powerclean and then go straight to OC?


Tell you what - Opti-Clean is amazing at removing polish residue. It's a shame we can't use it before OC


Some of our more thorough applicators do a good wipe down with IPA and follow this with a wipe down using distiller water.


One guy who likes to use Menzerna was having hazing problems one day with OC. I suggested it was a result of contamination still on the surface and told him IPA followed by distiller water. Problem solved.

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thanks Chris...i just wante dto add the ONR as a lubricant between my cobra MFs and the paint due to the marring i hate on the TOyota clear. I really dont want to have to polish my black ram a third time after i realize the MF wipe of the polishing oils left marring.


ill try the ONR at wash dilution. thx.

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