Hello from South Bend Indiana!

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A quick introduction.. I'm the owner of a mobile detailing company called Xtreme Mobile Detailing out of South Bend Indiana. I've been in business for a little over 2 years now but have been detailing as a hobby for friends and family for approximately 6 years. I absolutely love what I do no matter how frustrated I may become with a specific job. In the end when the customer is in shock at how their vehicle has been transformed into a gleaming machine! The reactions from customers and onlookers are what drives me to continue to provide my community with the absolute best detailing.


I very much look forward to learning and sharing with the rest of the Optimum group!







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Thank you everyone! I'm so happy to meet all of you. It's exciting to be adding something unique to my service menu as well as learning tips and tricks. I can't wait to show off my first coating job but i'm going to practice on my own vehicles first.


David @ DLR Detailing - I know exactly where Attica is only because of the BadLands. I've never been but one day i'll get down there to play in the dirt, mud and trails! It's good to see other Indiana companies beside myself on forums I frequent.


Chris - Thanks.. there aren't many Rex's around and I can only think of three others I've met in person.


Nate @ Franklin Avenue Detail - I wouldn't say no to a meet up at some point. I think it's great meeting new people in your trade, share ideas, techniques, stories, ect.. So count me in when the time arrives!

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