OC 2.0 over Aluminum Diamond Plating


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Greetings Everyone,

I just finished applying 2 coats of OC 2.0 over my travel trailer and was wondering if there are any issues of doing the same over the aluminum diamond plating on the front of the trailer. I plan to compound/polish/IPA/MF wipedown to prep the surface for the OC.

Thanks in advance for your response ... mc

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Thanks Ron. I plan to prep/apply OC 2.0 on the diamond plating next spring. So far the OC has made it soooo much easier to wash the trailer. Used to have to wash with a product called 4U which is a great black streak remover, but also a good wax/sealant stripper. Now I can use my regular car wash (Optimum) and it comes clean without scrubbing. So far so good. Will give an update about long-term washing and diamond plate next spring.

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