One wet Poli-Seal Finish !!

Steve H

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Worked on a customer's F-150 today in the beautiful SoCal desert where it was a balmy 105 degrees today. Of course I cannot complain...the customer had an AWESOME garage with tons of work room.


I realize that we all strive to do before and after pics, but in all reality, this guys truck is only about 8 months old, and he is pretty meticulous with it's care. Needless to say, I felt a sense of accomplishment when he said "Holy cow you made it look nice!!" Nothing like compliments from a OCD car owner to make you feel great at the end of the job!!


I did the entire vehicle paint with Poli-Seal applied via the Cylco with the green factory pads. I then topped off the PS with a coat of OCW (Since I forgot my OS)!! The only exception was the bed cover which was a mix of Sonus Swirlbuster topped with Poli-Seal and then OCW.


I think I finally mastered the Poli-Seal learning curve. Let it melt into the paint and then polish a bit longer and watch it start to G L O W!!!


Dr G...your products rock!






IMG_0615.jpg EEEEEEEKKKKKSSSSSS two Steve's!!!!





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That's a beautiful truck and your detail work is fantastic :thumbsupup[1]:


I'm sure he has the best looking truck in town now!




Anthony....coming from you... I consider that the ULTIMATE compliment!!! Thanks!

The thing that sucks is he lives on a dirt road!

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Thanks for sharing your pictures of the detail.

The truck looks great. I can feel the heat in the picture.


My wifes mom is in Apple Valley right now visiting the family. Her daughter doesn't have AC.

This women turns mine down to 65 when she comes over. I wonder what she is doing now Ha Ha.

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