3 Questions: Bug Removal, Opticoat with overspray, and Optiseal vs OCW


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Hey folks. I have 3 questions for the experts.


1) I work in an area that does outdoor spray painting (shipyard). Even though I park about a mile from the spray area, overspray is still an issue. Considering I have to clay the paint fairly regularly is Opticoat recommended? Would the claying kill the opticoat negating the benefit or would the opticoat make the overspray removal easier?


2) What is the best Optimum product for removing bugs and tar? Optimum Power clean? At what ratio?


3) If I don't go with Opticoat, and all else being equal, which lasts longer, Optiseal or Optimum Car wax?




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#1 I had major overspray on my car. I had to use very aggressive clay to get it all off, 8hrs of claying. In some spots it seemed to take off the Opti-Coat. However, my car was my very 1st car I coated, so i'm sure it wasn't as thick as it should have been, etc. BTW that was 4yrs ago, so it did last a long time. Removing the overspray was much easier due to Opticoat. For areas I didn't coat, it was brutal to remove the overspray.


#2 Depends on the volume of bugs, i use OPC at 10:1 with great success.


#3 optiseal all the way

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