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This detail is going to be posted in several steps. We detailed this Carrera about 5 or 6 weeks ago and he brought it back to us for some more work. Ron took out a ding in the front bumper, we removed and will soon replace the paint protection film pieces on the rear quarter panels and touch up the interior and exterior just a bit.


This Porsche was finished off in Optimum's soon to be released "Product X" and I must say with the latest beta samples I'm so excited about this stuff.....this car had not been washed since we last detailed it and the owner lives about 4 hours south of San Antonio. The car was very clean for not having been washed in almost 1000 miles which was very impressive, but more on that later.


The owner wanted us to remove the wheels and thoroughly clean the wheels and wheel wells and this is what we did today. Here are a few pictures. I used some degreaser, a few brushes and of course my trusty steam vapor machine.



















This is the rear wheel well area after being cleaned and polished.









Ron did a fantastic job on these don't do the end result justice.




























More pictures later, and a possible video, later in the week as we come back to this one after the clutch is replaced.



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Guest Driven Auto Detail

WOW!!! That is a great transformation on the wheels. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures from this project.

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