Is there a way to keep the Opti Clay Towel clean?

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I am wondering if the towel is only meant for use on a few cars before tossing, or if these is a good way of cleaning it. I used my new, fine-grade towel last night on a previously clayed and sealed E46 BMW, and after I was done, it looked like this:




The instructions say to spray it with ONR and rub it with your hand. I did that, and dragged a microfiber towel over it to pull off any loose particles, but you can see it is still quite soiled with .... whatever it pulled off.


Are there any tips to clean this? How many cars do you think one can clay before the towel must be tossed? This car was washed before claying, and had been previously clayed just a few months before, so I would imagine the towel would get very dirty on a never-clayed car. I loved how fast and effective the towel was, but if you can only do a few cars before needing a new one, I may be sticking with clay.



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I thought this came up before and OPC was recommended for cleaning.


It may have, but I couldn't find it in this Opti Clay Towel, Disc and Eraser section of the site. I will give that a try and see if it works.

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