Opti Glass streaking / film...ugg


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Any suggestions on opti glass clean and protect application? My first time using.


I cleaned first with spray way and razer blade. (My typical clean) and got glass looking great. Mixed up the opti-glass @ 1/2 oz for a 32 oz spray bottle per instructions.


I was expecting something similar (actually better) than Rainx, but ended up w lots of streaking and film/haze using mf glass towel.


Ended up going back over w spray way to clear it up.





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It's been noted that this product works better on glass that has already been treated with Opti-Glass. You did it the way I would have done, by cleaning the glass first with something else. I find this product to be a little finicky as you have.

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Must admit to never seen anyone use wax and a razor blade to clean glass before. However, the OPT glass cleaner does seem to be a strange one, Cannot think of any consistent comments which speak of this in a positive way with the exception of being used over the Optiglass sealant.


As much as I really like Optimum products, I have not felt compelled to try this glass cleaner

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