Looking for the ultimate shine!!!!

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Okay so I finally got around to properly polishing my guards red single stage paint 1988 928....DAMM that paint is hard as a rock......


Heres my procedure


wash with ONR

claybar with adams & adams QD

polish with Lake white CCS 7.5" pads on my Makita rotary set to about 1000rpm with Opti polish

review work.....

certain spots needed more....cranked up makita to 1300rpm and went over again...

minor improvement

changed to Lake CCS Yellow (cutting) with Hyper compound on a section....almost 1500rpm

didn't do much other than add minor swirls...damm this paint is HARD

switched back to CCS white, opti polish @ 1000rpm to remove minor swirls...came right out


lightly buffed the whole car twice with microfiber towels to make sure all the polish is gone


put a coat of optiseal on yesterday

put a 2nd coat on today...




Tomorrow, do I put a third coat of optiseal or put a coat of Trade Secret carnuba-blend to attempt to increase the gloss....


So what will look the best....... BTW the car looks SUPER slick right now....damm

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I would go for one more Opti-Seal application then top that with some TS the following day.


Also, we need pictures!! :groupwave[1]:



Okay I'll do that....I don't have to drive the car anytime soon.......so 1 more opti seal for a total of 3 over 3 days with a Trade Secret topper on day 4......... It looks SO good right now...I really wanna take it out for a drive!!! That plus I need to clean the wheels.....

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After looking over the car today.....it doesn't need more wax.....I'll just stop with the 2 OOS.....it looks pretty good just sitting in my cluttered garage....




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I love Opti-Seal. Check out the results of after only applying one coat to a 1965 Ford Mustang 289 2+2. The color is kinda hard to explain (orangey-red)? Honestly the pic doesn't do the car justice.


A client's car who takes it to select shows in TX & OK. The day I completed this job he attended a local Mustang Cruise and said he received at least 50 compliments on how the paint looks so wet. The car was repainted 13 years ago and hadn't been detailed save for "hand washes" at the local Auto Spa. :confused1[1]:


My process consisted of:


Clay w/Megs med clay & ONR lube

Megs 80 + Megs #9 via rotary (Edge 2000 Green & Blue Pads)

Megs #26 via Cyclo Blue finishing pad (I debated whether to use OPS, but since I already was kinda heavy into Megs that day...ehh)

Opt-seal via micro-fiber applicator

Opti-Bond on tires via Wagner Power Painter (wow.)


OPP on Interior vinyl panels

Nu-Leather on seats


Client also has '50 Ford and '60 Buick LeSabre he wants done next! Prob will go with all Optimum on those for comparison.


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