Clearing car after snow storm


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Joel, I don't know if Chris will answer here (he lives in Tennessee and has limited experience with snow). When I lived in "snow country" I didn't have a coated car and now that my car has OCP+, I live in the South. Any snow we get here is gone in an hour! My best suggestion is a brush designed to remove snow with minimum marring - SnowBrum, Snow Joe, etc, which are foam instead of bristles. There are other brushes with flagged or feather ends that could also be good.

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After 24" of snow and some 5' drifts, clearing the car was daunting. I did use the Snow Broom carefully. It seems that the Opticoat Plus coating has done its job.

Now the roads are clear and world is starting up again.


Now of course the daily commute will deliver some salt to the car.


I will do a clean with Optimum non rinse product once it warms up a bit..



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Bin clearing snow of my cars for years lived in the Ontario snow belt for most of my life and made some mistakes scratched car

Now I  use the foam tool to get top layer off.   I notice that once the car  is warm the ice just slides off   car is coated with gloss coat and wax still beading in February 

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