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A few questions on this product:


1. Can I get by with one 17oz container for a standard car?


2. I'll be applying an opti-coat gloss coating after this. How long do you let it sit on a panel before wiping? Also, can I get by with using one quality microfiber towel to wipe off the product? I think I'll probably be using most of my good towels for the rinseless wash and didn't want to risk using cheap ones for fear of marring the paint.


3. I've used another paint prep product that worked best by working it onto the paint with your hands and then rinsing it off. Was wondering if this could be done the same way.



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Yes, you should be able to easily prep a car with 1 bottle of Prep. You can wipe Prep off quickly after application. If needed, spray and go over again. Whether 1 microfiber is enough depends on how dirty the car is, Optimum recommends wiping with a clean towel to avoid marring. You shouldn't have to "work the product in", but rather make a second pass to get surface clean.

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