7 Hour Interstate Driving after Opti-Coat Pro+


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Hi guys,


I am looking for getting a paint protection applied to my car as I park my car at an open area car park 24/7.


I've only one approved opti-coat dealer in my city. I have two options, one being at a local dealer, the other interstate opti-coat dealer in Melbourne, being 7 hours away from where I live. However, I go to Melbourne every few month for 2-3 days to visit my parents. So, its not a problem.


Local detailer shop has none-to-limited reputation or add on the online forums and Melbourne one has higher reputation. However, 7 hours drive back home from Melbourne is my concern as il have plenty of bugs on my panel and newly applied coating.


I would like to get your opinion on doing interstate driving 24-36 hourse after getting an opti-coat pro+ applied? Or should I get it done locally?

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It's your call who you select, but you can drive an hour after OCP+ is installed. We recommend not washing with soap for 7 days so the chemical/UV resistance can mature. My only concern would be bug gut etching. You might ask the installer to apply Opti-Seal after coating, for a little extra protection until the cure is complete.

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