Opti-Seal application over Opti-Coat Pro


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My car has had Opti-Coat Pro applied to it and I love the coating and protection it provides. I usually wash my car at least once a week with ONRWW which keeps it looking nice and gives it a nice shine from the wax in the ONR. My Opti-Coat installer recommended that every few months, I should decontaminate the paint using the Opti-Clay towel and apply a coat of Opti-Seal to "revive" the Opti-Coat and add a layer of protection. My questions about this process are:



- Is it ok to use ONRWW to wash and clay the paint before applying OS of will the wax in the ONRWW prevent the OS from bonding correctly to the paint? Should I also buy a bottle of ONRWS (without the wax) for use before applying the sealant or will ONRWW do the job?


- Should OS be applied while drying the vehicle with the ONR still on it or is it better to dry the vehicle and the apply the sealant using the yellow foam pad?


- How often should I decontaminate the paint and apply OS over Opti-Coat Pro?


Thanks a lot for any help,



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Congratulations on buying the best coating on the market! You can safely use ONRWW to wash and clay your vehicle, Opti-Seal will migrate through the wax to the surface. Applying Opti-Seal during the drying phase will assist and simplify the process. How often to decontaminate depends on many variables and relies on your judgement, but more than 1-3 times per year might be overkill. I have a car Coated over 2 years ago and it doesn't need clay yet.

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Welcome to the forum.


A decon wash 1-2 times a year would be sufficient with some ferrex. That and weekly washes with ONR should keep those contaminants at bay.


Opti-Seal is good to have around. I applied Gloss Coat to my dad's car and all I do with it is wash it with ONR and follow up with instant detailer. I did try opti-seal on it once and it worked well. Brought out some shine and slickness back to the paint. I used it as a drying aid during an ONR wash. But for the most part I use the instant detailer which imparts some impressive gloss and slickness on it's own.


I would recommend you check out this video as it's been mentioned to work well with gloss coat. So it would do the same for opti-coat pro.



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