Hello! reuse old spray bottle question


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Hello, just got my first bottle of ONR and Optimum Car Wax for christmas to do some winter washing. There's a cold snap right now so my timing might be a little off.


Anyway, I have a ton of aging spray bottles that I reuse for whatever purposes come up. they were used for wheel & tire cleaners, bleach/household cleaners, and all-purpose cleaners/degreasers like Purple Power. One or two bottles served as staging/overspill for brake fluid, denatured alcohol, and almost any other auto fluid you can imagine. I'd like to reuse these for ONR in quick detailer and clay lube dilutions but the Purple Power has stained the spray triggers and I wonder if the bleach/auto fluids leaves something behind too.


Do you all have a surefire way to clean out these bottles and spray triggers? I wonder if I should play it safe with some fresh, clean, spray bottles from the store?




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Welcome to all things Optimum. I've re-used/re-purposed spray bottles for years. I wash thoroughly with dish detergent (Power Clean would also), using the trigger mechanism to clear it as well. I keep spray bottles of ONR (quick detailer ratio), Opti-Clean, and Power Clean (at various strengths) all the time and have never had any problem.

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Thanks for the tips.


My biggest concern was the bleach/APC on the paint. Purple Power says to avoid paint. I've been running low so got a citrus degreaser to replace it when the last drop of PP is gone. It sounds like I should keep like things with like things in this case.


Spray bottles are cheap enough, but I was trying to avoid more waste on my part. I also hold on to old spray bottles because I don't like spending money on new sprayers when the triggers always seem to fail after a few months. I think i'll clean some of the bottles really well and just replace the triggers.

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