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G'day to you all from Oz!

Did a search before posting but couldn't find anything, so apologies if it's been covered before..

I have used 22PLE product before (and been quite happy), but now looking to get a new car treated with Opitcoat Pro plus. 

There are two companies near me that offer it - one does one coat by hand, then two coats using a spraygun, then another coat by hand. So four coats total. 

The other just does two coats by hand, and says that extra coats aren't really required. 

The four coat coat method costs about 20% more. 

Question is - what's better? Are they both valid/approved/normal methods of application? Am I wasting money getting the extra two spray coats sandwiched inbetween the hand coats?

Thanks all for any advice. Hopefully I can return the favor one day. 

Cheers, Dave

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Welcome to the forum DmC.  Optimum's position is that 1 coat, properly prepared for and applied, is all that's necessary.  Adding more product assures complete coverage but does not increase protection or durability.  Having said that, our approved installers are independent and have their own methods.  It sounds like you're from Down Under, Joel Blake is the Optimum Master Distributor for Australia and one of the sharpest guys I know.  You might contact him for advise - joel@opticoat.com.

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