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Well so much for Honda's aftermarket rust protection lol

Side door had rust so took it to  my body shop guy in Toronto alps again

took inside panal off and rust every were will get used door and repaint door and quarter panel there goes my gloss coat 

Might as well do the hole car again my question is what is the best way to get it to stick to the old coat it's bin about a year 

My products consists of power clean,Mdr,  no rinse wash, ferrex,opti clay kit,  paint prep, opti carwash, and wax.  I am thinking of getting some hyper polish but all I have is my polisher from Canadian tire  it worked the first time lol  I guess this is a bit long sorry

Need some help 

Looking for the right pads to re coat my car with gloss coat bit mind boggling 

half the car is new paint no defects at all the other half is coated has some small scratches some glue from plastic advertising. I have hyper polish and hyper compound will be using griot's 6inch and 3inch random polishers will clay and decon wash realy just need to get gloss coat to stick I guess  the car is silver  any help wold be great thanks




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if you polish with Hyper Polish/Compound and decontaminate (you have all the products necessary - Power Clean, MDR, FerreX, Paint Prep), you should have no problem applying Gloss-Coat.  There is no other prep necessary.  You can find videos on Optimum decontamination at - look for Yvan LaCroix/Rag Company.

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