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Hello all, I am Neil in Nashville. I own Master Auto Detailing and I have used ONR for about a year and love it. I am interested in learning more about other Opti products. What do you recommend for leather protection? That is what I have been searching for lately. Thanks in advance!

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20 hours ago, Ron@Optimum said:

you need to be  a professional installer with a business EIN and have liability insurance.  Beyond that you need experience in all phases of detailing and paint correction...

I have met all of those requirements. Is there some sort of instruction involved? If so, where can I learn more? Thanks

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I was in Memphis for the last move and we thought that facility would last us...wrong!  Optimum outgrew that oringinal 20K sq ft + an additional 5k, and is moving into a larger space with the opportunity to maximize  efficiencies.  Since the last move we've added filling/labeling machinery and outgrew the shipping area.  All the packaging and supplies for Optimum demand so much space.  I haven't seen the  new space yet but hope to in January.

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Setec, the new facility will be 60K sq ft, more than double the old building.  We moved into the current facility on the fly, making improvements, adding Dr G's lab and the training area after the move.  This time we're getting the place right from the start.  Optimum has the staff and expertise this time, plus the prior experience to guide us. 

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