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Hey guys,

I've been going through quite a few threads and I found two different ratio's for the quick detailer mixture with ONR.  I found the following:

1OZ ONR to 16OZ water

1OZ ONR to 32OZ water

8OZ ONR to 1 gallon water

10OZ ONR to 1 gallon water

Which mixtures are correct??

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This is the correct answer https://optimumcarcare.com/product/optimum-instant-detailer-gloss-enhancer1 😎

It is not that important, use what works for you!

  • Quick Detailer: ratio 1:16 or 8 oz/1 gallon or 240 ml to 3.84 liters for water (62.5 ml per liter)
  • Clay lube: ratio 1:64 or 2 oz/1 gallon or 60 ml to 3.84 liters of water (15.6 ml per liter)
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