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I am due to replace my current car August 12th,
It will be metallic red  SUV.
As I am pushing on a bit and thinking I need an easier method of maintaining the car, I looked at ZAINO product, but everywhere I looked I seem to come up against OUT OF STOCK!
Further research led me here.
Hopefully these products would keep me a happy bunny with a glossy car.

Car will be factory new, so after the usual decon /clay etc prep.
I do not have a machine polisher, so everything will be done by hand.

Should I use some sort of cleanser polish first?

Then I looked at Opti Seal but noticed Hyper seal then!
Which would be better?

I do like beads and as the above products are Sealants I am thinking a top coat of Opti wax?

Hope I am correct here.

Then for maintanence, Do I need a particular shampoo?

I normally use PH Neutral snow foam followed by PH neutral shampoo.

Any info would be helpful.

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Welcome to the Optimum forum, many former Zaino users here.  First, because a car is new does not guarantee perfect paint, but what is needed for perfection is individual to each vehicle.  Both Opti-Seal and Hyper-Seal are good on all surfaces, but Hyper Seal is formulated for ceramic coated cars.  That said, I believe Hyper Seal is more durable and has more gloss on any paint.  Sealants and wax produce similar beading.  Optimum Car Wash is a traditional wash product requiring pre/post rinsing with hose.  Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine (and Wash & Wax) are rinseless products only requiring a bucket of water.  While the No Rinse products can be used in foamers, they do not foam, FYI.

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Thanks for the reply and welcome.
I understand about the perfect paint part.
But I have been there and done that with Machine polishing and perfection.
I really only want best shine possible by claying and decon prep to be honest.
Mostly I want simplicity as I suffer with pains.
Would I be best going with Hyper X 2 coats
then a top coat of OCW ?

Am I to assume I can use any PH neutral shampoo or the dedicated one?
I would be nervous using the no rinse wash. ( I am a bit old school ) 😁

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2 coats of Hyper Seal and Spray Wax as a topper will provide carnauba looks and seal durability.  I think it's over kill but it's your choice.   Car Wash and No Rinse are both pH of 6.  No Rinse has been on the market for 14 years and you can read feedback on this forum AND other online reviews - it is perfectly safe on your paint.

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Thanks again.
The main reason I would do 2 coats of seal is to ensure full coverage,
I was thinking of the OCW just for the beading effect ,
I will read more into no rinse before I order.
Thank for the info.

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