How Do You Store Your Syringes?

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I've never taken special precautions with syringes, other than take inside during the winter.  I've had several "gel" up - Opti-Lens (had been opened), Opti-Trim Protect (never used).  I have syringes of the original Opti-Guard and a Gloss-Coat that are years old and never used...still liquid. 

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After having some syringes gel up or harden even with most of the air removed, I resorted to this and have not had any failures even keeping them for multiple years partially used.

1. After use, remove blue needle tip if used, hold syringe pointing up, push paper towel against tip, and press up on syringe.  The air will escape around the paper and stop when the liquid hits it.  Now there is almost no air when you screw on the tip.

2.  Put syringe in Ziplock freezer bag with a dessicant packet, get as much air out as possible and seal it.  This way, if the syringe still draws in air due to some back pressure, it will be free of moisture.  Moisture is what causes the reaction with the optimum coatings, so even if it draws in air it won't cause a problem.

3.  To make it even safer, I store it in an insulated cooler at the back of the coolest room of the house, with a bunch of my other potentially temperature sensitive products so it gets no light exposure and minimal temperature variation. 

None of my optimum syringes have gone bad since doing this.  I have an opti-lens from 3 years ago that I use about twice a year that is almost empty, but still liquid and works fine.


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