Gloss-Coat Smeary?

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I've used a fair amount of OC 2.0, and a syringe or two of Opti-Lens, so I'm familiar with the difference between those two, where OC 2.0 flashes pretty fast and clean, while Opti-Lens is much slower and tends to lay out more, if you will.

I have a syringe of Gloss-Coat that I bought when it first came out.  I only remember using it once on a trunk lid.  This morning I was trying to do a quick-and-dirty coating on the front of a car in my garage, where the lighting wasn't too good, and it was a bit humid.  Temp was...pretty moderate.  This front end had all different kinds of materials, paint, matte black, piano black, some (I guess) painted charcoal surrounds, brushed-aluminum-looking trim, clear plastic over emblems, etc.  Oh, I also did the side mirrors, which had some textured black trim.

I found the Gloss-Coat to be very smeary and difficult to work with--is this normal?  Not sure if it's normal, whether it's too old (it was not gelled at all), whether I didn't have a clean enough surface, put too much on, it was too humid...any ideas?  Gloss-Coat is supposed to be easy to use--is the flash time really long  and I just didn't wait long enough?

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I find gloss coat very easy to use and not smeary.  Seems you can over apply it but if you wipe off when 80% has flashed off or within the time allotted on the tube (whichever is shorter), it still turns out pristine. 

I think if you don't think the surface was that clean, that may be the culprit.  I'm sure you know for a coating you'll want a very clean surface to apply to.  If you get some oil or some other chemical on the applicator you'll just be smearing it around with the coating causing a smeary mess. 

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