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I'm trying Opti-Clean for the first time, so purchased the ready to use bottle. I also purchased Power Clean, so I received two trigger sprayers, one all black (with two settings), and the other with a green collar, with just an on/off nozzle. I assume the latter is the Opti-Clean one, but in any case, BOTH nozzles apply it too thickly for my taste.  Meguiars nailed it IMHO, with their Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax spray nozzle - puts out a nice fine & even mist.

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Generally when using a waterless wash on a soiled vehicle you want the solution to be applied fairly thick (dripping wet) to minimize the chance of marring the paint.  If you want an extremely fine mist sprayer, this is the one I use for Opti-Coat Hyper Seal,

I find an extremely fine mist  sprayer is most appropriate for protection products (sealants and waxes) where in the case of Optimum products less is more.

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Thanks. I don't know whether the Megs UWW sprayer is "extremely fine", or just "very fine" - whatever it is - it seems "about right".  It's easy to apply more if I want to, but with the Opti-Clean trigger, it's more difficult to apply it thinner. (it can be done, of course, by moving the trigger laterally faster etc).  Anyway, now that I have the Megs sprayer, I can just use it for the Opti-Clean. 🤣

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