Optimum Tire Coating and Gloss?


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I recent picked up a bottle of Optimum Tire Coating to try out and used it on our Explorer. I did not dilute it and applied with a MF applicator as directed,  and it does seem to work as advertised. My only complaint is that it seems much too glossy. I really prefer the matte finish on tires and was curious if there was a way to make the next application less glossy through the application process or via dilution? Any other tips to get the protection without looking so "Armor-All-y"?

Now if I can just keep my wife from curbing the stuff off...

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Great question.  My guess is it will "dull down" a little on its own after a while.  I also prefer a more satin look.  If I recall reading on another forum one of the other brands of tire coating (a lesser known one) had two flavors, for two different gloss levels.

Interested to hear if there is a way to dial the Optimum coating down.

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32 minutes ago, Ron@Optimum said:

In theory, 1 coat of TPC should be matte and adding a second will increase gloss.  In practice the look varies by tire and may be influenced by how much product is used and the condition of the tires.

Thank you, Ron! I'll try going lighter next time and see if that works.

Also, would diluting it change the gloss level when applying with a MF applicator? 

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