Gloss Coat Maintenance Routine?


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I'm looking for a maintenance routine for a Gloss Coat.  Other coating vendors publish details routines so I'm wondering what Optimum recommends?

I'm sure #1 is washing with ONR regularly.

Should I Ferrex annually?  Power Clean as needed? MDR as needed? Optimum Car Wash quarterly?

Any top coat that should be applied regularly?

OptiCoat, Opti Car Wax?

I'm just looking at a solid procedure that will keep the coating alive and well for as long as possible.





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regular wash with ONR (I personally never use Car Wash, but that's your choice).  FerreX, Power Clean, MDR  are "as needed" products and useful for decontamination (annual is likely enough, but depends on drive/road conditions).  If you want an LSP (last step protection), I recommend Opti-Coat Hyper Seal, an easy to use sealant designed for ceramic coatings to be more durable than traditional wax/seal.  

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