Greetings from Erie, PA

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Good Afternoon,

I have not used the ONR product, but am looking into it to keep my car clean in the winter.  I live in the heart of the snow belt getting lake effect snow off Lake Erie and my car gets absolutely covered in salt.

I was wondering if anyone has ever sprayed their entire vehicle down (I have a Mini, so not hard) with ORN diluted as a detailer, then gone into  a self serve car wash bay and used the pressure washer to get everything off?  I am thinking that basically the water could be used in place of MF towels or the big red sponge and just wash everything away that has been encapsulated by the ONR.

Let me know if this could work or any other tips for cleaning off a heavily salted car without a hose at my house.


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will not work as you expect it to. Contact wash is still necessary to break the static bond of certain dust/dirt. 

I recommend taking it to the self serve car wash and blast away any areas Salt may get to, rinse down the entire car. Then presoak the car with a handheld sprayer filled with ONR. Go about your wash with ONR + BRS. 


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