Need advice. Will intensive polish do the trick?


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I have a 1987 Mercedes in Red that a customer would like shined up over the Xmas holiday season.  It is red and from what I have seen is  the paint has the normal oxidation one would expect for a car of this year.   There is a lot of chrome, nooks and crannies, black plastic trim and rubber pieces (many of which have wax streaking and buildup).  I do not want to tape this car off as it is not in the budget.  Was wanting to do a one step and was going to do the following:

ONR wash and clay let it dry on paint and then polish out.  Was wanting to use the intensive polish, then remove spend polish with Optimum Car Wax.  

My biggest concern was the rubber and plastic not becoming contaminated with intensive polish residue.  Am I safe to assume that intensive polish cleans these pieces just like the hyper twins?

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I would not worry about the plastic trim as the "Hyper Triplets"  are known not to stain plastic trim.  In fact I have occasionally used Hyper Polish to remove built up compound/wax (white residue) build up on black plastic trim.  The rubber trim I would be a bit more cautious as depending on the rubber, it can be slightly porous.  This might allow some of the Hyper polish to be absorbed and slightly lighten the rubber trim (similar to how porous foam polishing pad can become discoloured).  I am sure you can restore it to it's original condition using Power Clean (3:1 dilution ratio) but to be safe I would test a small area to confirm.  It may be less work to tape up the rubber trim if it proves to be problematic. 

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