Buff when using as drying aid?


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I'm enjoying using OS as a drying aid, however I'm finding that it is leaving a very fine spotting pattern if I dont use a second dry towel to buff after the first wipe.

I'm worried this is running the risk of marring the paint. I'm using the 'dry me a river' towels.

Has anyone else experieced this and can anyone comment on the risk off doing a buff after the spray and wipe? 

I'm also wondering if I could live with the fine spotting on paint and just do a buff on the glass.

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16 hours ago, Ron@Optimum said:

spotting/streaking with OS is usually due to using too much product (common mistake) - wipe it off with an ONR dampened microfiber and you won't mar paint.

Thanks so much for you reply. Interesting, my assumption was the spotting was left from tiny drops of the ONRWW that were left after the first drying wipe (with OS spray). The marks are tiny circle shaped spots rather than streaks. So I think in any case the fix would be as you say so use a clean ONR soaked cloth as a final wipe. Possibly a dry cloth for glass and the soaked one for paint? 

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