Can Paint Prep Damage Fully Cured Gloss-Coat?

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If this has already been answered, I apologize, but my searching has not disclosed it.

I love Gloss-Coat, and for years it's been on every vehicle I've owned.  But say I now want to also Opti-Glass my windshield.  Or I want to also Gloss-Coat my plastic trim, on a car that has already been Gloss Coated.  Before applying the Opti-Glass or Gloss-Coat, I will use Optimum Paint Prep to strip the glass or plastic parts clean.  If I spray the Paint Prep onto the windshield or trim, do I have to be careful to mask off the painted panels which have a fully cured coating of Gloss-Coat?  Can Paint Prep harm the cured Gloss-Coat a lot, a little, or not at all?  Do I have to be careful?

Thanks for any insight..................................... Frank

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No I don't think paint prep will harm your gloss coat . My car is gloss coated and I just did my spring time decamination.  Last thing I do is use paint prep before wax and hyperseal.  Gloss coat is still there. 

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