Opti-Clay Gone?

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I'm waiting for an answer from the Mother Ship, but I suspect Optimum has run into patent issues with clay.  I know they have Clay Towels available if you call and order via phone...and I wonder if the same is true with bars. 

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The patent issue expired with the clay patent, a few years ago.

EDIT:  Unless I'm wrong, I know at the time the Opti-Clay came back, I thought there was another patent that was still in effect, maybe it still is (there were 2 clay patents that seemed to directly effect Opti-Clay and other elastic clays).  It's possible something happened related to the second one.

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Optimum can't find a supplier to provide the quality we demand, so have discontinued bars for now.  Clay Towels and Mitts are available by calling OPT directly and requesting.  Due to patent issues, we can't advertise or list them.

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