OCW as lube for traditional clay bar

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Yvan  shows in several videos using Spray wax as a clay lube for a clay towel. I’d like to do this but prefer using an old fashion clay bar (pinnacle ultra fine atm). Can I do this?

If yes, do I use the ‘place the clay where I spray’ that he demonstrates or should I spray the wax broader across the panel? Also thought of leaving the ONR residue (ie not drying the panel) when I do this for added lubrication.

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Spray Wax as clay lube is equally effective, whether you're using a bar, mitt, or towel.  I would spray in a broad pattern, then run the bar over the area.  Do you mean Wax residue or ONR?  I would at least wipe the area to make sure the wax is spread evenly and avoid streaking.

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