is ONR ''Pure''

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i've been using ONR for a long while now and love it.

I'm going to try a new ceramic coating Synergy Lite. They recommend a PURE shampoo and PH Neutral snow foam for this coating. When i told them i use ONR as a wash medium they said that this would probably not be suitable as it has polymers in it and so is not Pure.

Would this be the case as i want to try this coating but not sure if i want to give up using ONR for it.

thanks for any help / advise

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Their "pure shampoo" is Pure Shampoo, a product of theirs.  Um...of course they are going to recommend their car wash and snow foam for their product.

As Ron says, I'm 100% sure you'll be fine washing your new coating with ONR (after the 7 day curing period they specify).

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thanks for the education, Setec, don't know Synergy Lite or their products.  Not unusual to recommend your proprietary products (Optimum does as well), but not by impugning competition.  Polymers damaging ceramic is a reach...

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hi, sorry if i misled or didn't make my question clear but to be fair to the infinity wax guy he never actually recommended any product to use. he just said the wash medium had to be ''pure'' and the snowfoam had to be ph neutral. he didn't also say not to use ONR. he had to google it and have a quick read while we were talking and saw the word polymers which is why he said what he said. his answer was to do a test area which i guess is what i'll have to do.

thanks anyway for your thoughts.

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