Just had vehicle coated with Opti Coat Pro Plus...have a few questions.


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Had the truck done last week, and as usual, it rains a couple of days after i get it back. Unfortunately I do not have a garage I can keep the truck in, so it sits out in the elements. The truck was clean when parked, and rained on, still after the rain, there was some contaminants probably from the surrounding trees. 

I wanted the truck to be clean, since I was going to be driving it that day. So, while the truck was still wet (from the rain) I sprayed the truck with some diluted ONR (given to me from the detail shop) and wiped the truck down. I just didn't think it was dirty enough to do a complete wash.  Was this the wrong thing to do ? 

What is the proper way to do a quick clean up when the truck isn't really dirty ? Is ONR the right media to use, or should I be using one of the others ones ? 


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You should be good - normal instructions are to not wash with soap for 7 days, wiping down with ONR should not cause a problem.  For quick detailing ONR can be mixed into a pre-spray/instant detailer that is safe on your Coating.  Mix ratio is 1 oz to 16 oz of water - spray on/wipe off with microfiber towel.

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