ONR Color Change

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The following dialogue is from the Official Optimum Polymer Technologies page:

Me: Hello. I have noticed many times that when i have the ONR mixed with water in a spray plastic bottle after a month the mixed water with onr (1:15 dilution rate), change its colour from blue to something like orange!! May i use it when it is in this colour? This happend all year. And the summer and the winter. The humidity is in normal level..... Thank you for your time

OPT: Color is added and dilution changes it - it has no effect on performance.

Me: Who add color? I do not change the dilution. Why the color from blue become orange?

The dialogue is depicted and in the screenshot.

Is somebody understand the meaning of this answer?

They confused me more why the color is changed from blue to orange and did not give any solution to my question.

Thank you



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This has been discussed forever that ONR loses the blue color shortly after mixing.  Whether it's UV or chlorine in the water, I don't know, but I just mixed a spray bottle up at normal wash dilution (to use on a microfiber mop on my kitchen floor) and within two weeks it has lost the blue tinge and just looks like water now.

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