ONR in my car

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I live on the 5th floor of an apartment so it’s very cumbersome to haul everything I need down to the parking lot for a wash. I try to keep it minimalist as possible but nevertheless you need what you need. 

is there any harm in leaving ONR undiluted in the car? I do currently leave my mix I’m using in a bucket with just a regular lid out there and my sponge and grit guard ready to go but was wondering about products. 

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8 hours ago, boiler said:

Not sure what you're asking - ONR in it's bottle can be left indefinitely.  If if freezes, just thaw and shake and it's ready to use.  

I thought I had read somewhere in one of the many ONR internet things that heat would diminish its ability to work properly— and since I’m an apartment dweller my trunk is my garage lol

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