ONR streaking when I rinse the vehicle

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I was washing a few cars over the weekend. Did a total of 5 washes. On 2 of them I rinsed off the vehicle with a garden hose with well water, on another with my green works pressure washer and standard county water (not the hardest water). On 2 of the cars— one hose and pressure washer— I also foamed power clean 5:1 where necessary. 

It seems like ONR streaked like crazy when trying to dry and while washing I was fighting the water that was just sitting there to clean if that makes sense.

But on the vehicles that I used 128:1 ONR to pre-spray with no rinsing (note both of these cars had been previously ONR washes but I doubt the polymers linking would add *that* much benefit) I had one of the best washing experiences. Some of the big names in detailing suggest pressure washing first to eliminate big dirt, as with a “traditional” wash—is it a known thing that this can cause issues when performing rinseless? My theory is that all the extra water somehow messes up the 256:1 dilution but I’m also not the brightest. 

I also seemed to notice better cleaning ability when using 128:1 pre treat and 256:1 UBS use than when pre rinsing down the vehicle!! 

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