OCW + Opti-Seal Overkill?


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Hi Guys! 

Ive recently been using OCW for my car for over 2 months. 

I apply it "dry" monthly and I also use it every week as a Drying Aid. So as you might see, I use it regularly because it was recommended so it can migrate to the clear coat. I do like how easy is to use it but I don't now if it is protecting my car from the elements as a SIO2 Spray or a sealant. So I want to know if there is a benefit on using also Opti - Seal. 

I do have the 8 oz bottle on my house but haven't apply it because I don't know how to combine those products. For example, my doubts are almost mainly to the layering. Do I apply "dry" the Opti Seal every n months and use OCW mainly as Drying aid? And after those n months, I just simply re-apply Opti - Seal or do I need to prep the paint and remove the OCW first? Also, do the Opti - Seal interferes the UV polymers migration to the Clear Coat? 


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I personally prefer the look and water behaviour of OCW. Opti seal works well as a drying aid so I use it sometimes for that, but generally use OCW as a drying aid every time and never bother to apply it dry.  (Washing is every week or two). 

from what I have read you can go back and forth between the two with no issues. They work great together. 

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there is no "single truth" to using Wax and Seal - they can be used together, alternated, and in any order. Some Pro installers apply both to get the carnuaba look and Seal durability.  The shine, slickness, AND beading seem to vary by user...and maybe are effected by car surface, weather conditions, even application method?

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