OPC to Optimum Car Wash?


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I agree with Ron here. Powerclean would probably be too diluted to do much good. It would be more efficient to use power clean at recommended dilution ratio and then wash it off with the car wash after. 

Also, you probably generally won’t need power clean for paint except for spot treatment of specific stains or when doing a decon wash. Using it on the whole car normally is overkill and will weaken your LSP unless it’s opticoat pro. So not something you’d normally want to do with every wash. 

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As BC mentions, Power Clean will weaken/remove LSP (but not ceramic coatings or Hyper Seal) and should mostly be used for spot cleaning.  That said, it's Optimum's best all purpose decontaminating 1 size fits all product (vs using the full inventory - FerreX, MDR, Paint Prep, etc).

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1 hour ago, stephen.details said:

I feel just throwing it diluted in a spray bottle and pre treating problem areas before washing would be just as effective and take maybe a minute or two?  And then the soap or rinse would neutralize it

the more I listen to the old podcast the more I appreciate the system and synergy of it all haha

That's what I've started to do.  

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