Optimum Car Wax as LSP?


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If you're someone that washes your car once a week, is the spray wax sufficient enough as a stand alone?  Eventually I'll get to using the new Hyper-Seal, but for as much as I wash my cars, and for how easy the spray wax is to use, I'm thinking of just using the spray wax by itself.  I'm not sure if it can make it through a winter though in the NE.  

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I used Car Wax last summer as a stand alone, and was very pleased with it's performance. 


At this point I wonder how these products are going to perform going forward as I learn more how to get the most out of them, especially since I have the spray polishes at my disposal. Having the synergistic compatability at work should help get the most out of them. I know know it has for Opti-Seal.

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