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First, thank you Ron for your technical assistance and getting me up and running over the phone about a month ago when I stumbled across your company’s product line. (This is Bob with the F150 and wife’s new Audi just outside of hot San Antonio.) Hope all is going well with you in Hot Springs.

I’m an older guy that used to think / was taught 100% soft cotton and sponges were what you used on your vehicle 😩. However, this  “old dog” did learn new tricks in the area of maintaining his vehicles about 10 years ago. Now, I’m at the point of exhaustion from all of the damn products that keep coming out and causing so much confusion. Hopefully, Optimum will be the end of that aggravation as I am a Type A who definitely “overthinks” it more often than not and reseaches most everything before I buy it.

What I’ve done so far regarding Optimum:

1. Although I have not used many OPT products yet (just ONR, BRS, and OID), I have noticed a big difference in terms of what I now believe was soap residue from the “no-residue” Adams Car Shampoo (blue) I was using. It feels like I am detailing / protecting a much cleaner clearcoat. No grabbiness when applying OID, no towel streaks or marks on the paint the next day when the paint is covered in dew, and an even layer of itty, bitty water beads on the surface. 😁

2. Although not a problem or complaint, I found that ONR is not strong enough for road grime along the lower doors (took three passes of ONR 256:1 with the BRS on top of a pre-soak of ONR 16:1 and a hose rinse before that). However, this garage-kept vehicle (the wife’s of course) hadn’t been washed for 5 weeks due to weather, water restrictions, and having to detail in my driveway and timing the sun. (Ah, that’s how I came across Optimum.) As a result, I figured (based on this forum) I should have some OPC “on the ready” to deal with road grime and the heavier attacks of bugs on the front end, when necessary; received a gallon yesterday. I tink I got too much, but decided to drop the extra $7 over two 17-oz bottles.

— NOTE FOR OPTIMUM: Lower the prices on smaller quantities please. I / we (?) would rather not turn into a mini detailer store.

— FOR ALL: Even though 3:1 is the recommendation for paint, I plan to start with 10:1 OPC for spot-treating grime and bugs, gently wipe with ONR 256:1-wet MF towels, rinse WELL (from what I’ve read here), and proceed with a traditional ONR wash. Am I wasting my time at 10:1, start at 5:1? I’m not talking about heavy grime, because rain is generally scarce in South Texas, so there’s not a lot of adulterated road water splashing up on the vehicle. Also, from what I’ve read, it sounds like 3:1 could be a chore ensuring you get it all off and I don’t plan, nor want to drag out the pressure washer to get OPC off of four doors and / or the front end.

3. Also, I purchased OSW to replace the OID for longer protection / longevity and will step it up later…and did deeper into the wallet. I want to see how each product works for the “enjoyment” of the process.

4. Finally, I grabbed a 8-oz sample of the OCW to replace Adams Car Shampoo and to test for the soon-to-be-rare, full-blown soap-and-water, pressure-washer details (when Mother Nature cooperates) where I want to get every nook and cranny with the detail brushes, iron decon, etc.

— FOR ALL: Any suggestions on the quantity of OCW in a foam cannon (MTM PF22, 1.1 orifice) if it can be used that way? Nothing on the bottle, not looking for foot-deep foam either 😁, pressure washer at ~1.4 GPM, 1K PSI.

5. Finally, finally, I also now have and will be trying out the OOGCP (? on the acronym, but it’s the glass cleaner / protectant).

— FOR ALL: I think this should be fairly idiot-proof, but if you know something, let me know.

In closing, glad to be here and have really enjoyed the tips and techniques posted here. Although the content generally appears to be old, hopefully still valid. Oh, for Optimum, regarding the container color of products, “my two cents” are to leave them clear, so we can quickly see what’s in them and how much is left…unless, of course, there’s an issue with light affecting the contents.

A great weekend to all! Go IRISH!

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Welcome to the Optimum Forum, Bob.  I like your "handle", assume it's a play on the Queen song?  Responding to some questions - 1:10 for Power Clean may not be strong enough for exterior dirt (it's usually the light interior cleaning ratio), but feel free to experiment.  I'm not sure where your concern over rinsing Power Clean comes from, I've NEVER used a hose or power wash and find it comes off easily with ONR/microfiber towel. The Car Wash formula for power wash/foam cannon is the same as normal mix, 1:3.  FYI, Power Clean is excellent in a foam cannon for serious cleaning.  I don't see price declines but know we're keeping the clear bottles (unless supply gets effected again). 

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Yes, on the “handle” as a result of my first full-blown detail years ago using a pressure washer, proper tools, proper materials, etc. I was astounded at how clean and shiny my vehicle was, door jambs, engine, and all! I also thought, if I started a detailing business that would be the company name. I guess I was impressed with myself 😁.

I’ll start at OPC 5:1 with your operating procedure. May not need it stronger than that because after hitting the Audi again on Saturday after a week since the last ONR wash, it came to me: DON’T wait (if you can) five weeks to clean your vehicle especially during spells of rain, duh 🙄. My concern came from some of the comments in the OPC forum section; I just failed to remember your replies in most of them to use ONR-wet MF to remove the OPC.

Got to try the OSW for the first time on the Audi. A couple of sprays per panel, easy on / off, and slick! Can’t wait to check it out this evening after it gets back home with the wife. Her daily driver. Later this week when rain is forecast to hit, will get to see the effects of the protection as well. Beading, sheeting, don’t care, just repel Mother Nature.

Thanks again. Have a great week!


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