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Not on these forums or any search engine can I find any mention of removing Hyper Polish with OCW.  It’s always mentioned to use ONR dampened towel to do so. I’ve used other spray products to remove other manufacturers polishes before with good success. So today I was knocking out an extended cab Ram 1500 4x4 and very tired at the end of the 5 hours. Finished polishing and was going to OCW it anyways. So I sprayed a little on my towel and on the panel and the Intensive polish came off so well and the shine just popped immediately.  It saved me another trip or two around the truck. Especially the top…AGAIN.  Maybe there is a post here but like mine does not mention this shortcut/trick in the Title.

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Now that you have reminded me of this, I think it was famous detailer Scottwax (or it could have been Anthony Orosco, but well before Yvan and his Optimum "synergy") who promoted the idea of (this was a long time ago when the products were a bit different) compounding with Optimum Compound, not wiping off the residue, switching to Optimum Polish, right over the Compound residue, then wiping the Polish residue off with OCW--done.  My recollection is Scottwax posted about this on the Autopia forum probably 12-14 years ago, I spent a little time looking for it but did not find.  I did find him suggesting OCW to remove Poli-Seal residue, back in 2007.

That's a great time saving method for a working detailer, I think hobbyists are more reluctant to do it that way because they may have less experience and may be more perfection-oriented, and want to remove residues to check their results before moving on to the next step.

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There is a Youtube video about it

You can use any of the OPT products to wipe away the polish residue and protect at the same time.

BTW a ONR dampened towel was always mentioned because OPT thought most people were gonna coat the car...so for whoever that wont coat the car after polishing you can use the seal or wax to remove the polish residue!


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