Is there any benefit to using ID&GE after OCW+Opti-Seal?

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Hi everyone,

I was just curious if there was any benefit in terms of appearance if using the  Instant Detailer + Gloss Enhancer (ID&GE)  30 min after Optimum Car Wax + Opti-Seal? My procedure, is to apply ONR to the panel, use OCW as a lubricant with a fine clay mitt, then use Opti-Seal as a drying aid for the panel. I was wondering if adding the ID&GEwould provide a better gloss on top of that or is it already maxed out? I would also ask if there is any benefit in using the ID&GE with the Optimum Spray Gun? I already have that for the Opti-Bond Tire Gel application to the tires, so looking to get more use out of it.

I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's experiences.


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quick question, do you clay with every wash (sounded that way)?  Some apply Instant Detailer over OS or wax and like the extra gloss...I think it's overkill personally and it has very limited durability.   I've never heard anyone applying ID&GE with a spray gun, but doesn't mean it hasn't been tried.

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I use the NanoSkin auto scrub fine grade mitt to clay every time, not an actual clay bar. I would buy the Optimum Clay towel, but it's no longer available. The car has a serious amount of brake dust (due to the pad material) and tree related incidents (sap and other secretions). For ID&GE I'm looking for gloss enhancement not durability.

This is what I found posted by Chris Thomas on Autogeek forums circa 2010 about using the Optimum Spray gun with different chemicals:


OptiBond 1:1
Protectant Plus 1:1
OptiClean 3:1
Optimum Car Wax


Power Clean (dissipates too slowly and I don't like to wear a respirator)
APC+(too hard to breath)
Instant Detailer (works good, just use OptiClean more)
PRO Blue Ice Tire Gel (1:1 switched to OptiBond)"

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The Opti-Clay Towel is available if you call into the office to order (can't advertise for trademark reasons).  Using clay that often is risky, even with good might consider FerreX for chemical removal of brake dust with less risk of marring. 

Chris Thomas was the master of utilizing a spray gun for applications...even those NOT recommended by Optimum (ceramic coatings, for instance).  I've never heard of using spray guns for Instant Detailer or Protectant Plus, for instance. 

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