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2 minutes ago, Ron@Optimum said:

I'd recommend the new Hyper Seal, it's formulated for durability on ceramic coatings and the new formula can be applied 1 hour after coating.  The old formula needed 7 days curing first.  Opti-Seal is your other choice for protection.

Sorry Ron, my explanation was lacking...

I will not be able to acquire neither Hyper Seal nor Opti-Seal until Monday, 12/6.  I want to apply Gloss-Coat tomorrow (12/3) and was hoping there would be a recommendation for a non-Optimum product (yikes!!) I could use an hour after application instead of waiting 3 days for the Optimum sealants.

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we don't test non Optimum products but maybe some other poster can help...truthfully Gloss-Coat doesn't require a topper during the 7 day cure phase, just don't wash with soap and avoid pollutants where possible (sap, bugs, etc).  Rain is fine.  Gloss-Coat is surface cured in an hour and it's the chemical resistance that's developing over 7 days. 

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