REALLY Digging Intensive Polish


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I have the “Hyper Twins” of Compound and Polish but also have Intensive Polish. I have yet had to use the compound since the Intensive with either Optimum waffle orange pad, Lake Country HDO orange pad, or Griot’s Garage Orange pad all work SO WELL on any car I’ve done.  I’ve done too many cars over the last few weeks and I think I used Hyper Polish once… On accident. It worked EXTREMELY well. But I got them to use in parallel and Intensive is so good by itself that I’ve yet to use the combo. 

My lack of using the Compound is probably lucky that Intensive works so well that the compound is so far unnecessary. I have wool, micofiber, and Urofiber pads all available but Intensive and my orange pads are such a great combo. My other pads are starting to feel neglected. I’ve done two Toyota Tundra’s 2021 and 2015, and a 2020 Hyundai Telluride in the last 2 weeks. So newer vehicles but very swirled and scratched. Even being new. GO FIGURE??  

Just sharing my love for Intensvie Polish.  May need another bottle or a bigger one. Same goes for the car wax. Nothing like wiping off the polish with the spray car wax and being done.  Today’s vehicle was the 2015 Tundra. We wiped with ONR damp rag. Panel wiped with paint prep. Then applied “New Formula” Hyper Polish with blue foam applicator.  A few hours later applied car wax since his clear coat was having issues on the roof the truck. 

No picture. Just take my word that it turned out FANTASTIC!!!!

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1 hour ago, Heijneker said:

Awesome to read! What polisher are you using?

Since I've gotten to grips with Intensive Polish, I've also hardly used Hyper Compound! Has all the cut I need on most paints with a great finish. It's the polish I use most.

I have Griots Garage G21, G9, and G8. 5 and 6 backing plates for the big polishers but have been using 6 inch lately on these bigger vehicles. 

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