Opti-Bond vs CarPro Perl


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A nice comparision between CarPro Perl and Optimum Tire Bond. In a previous 4-way test of his, Perl was the winner. Now Opti-Bond takes it on!

CarPro Perl seems to get a lot of love as being an awesome tire dressing. I was also very interested in trying it out. I'm very happy to see Opti-Bond performs very similar! 



I'd like to get my hands on the Opti-Bond gun and see how that works. I also need to better my tire cleaning routine, as they're often still dirty when I'm done.

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Here's one for ya;


This car has been last cleaned on the 4th of June, and I applied Opti-Bond ~1:1 via spray gun. Driven about 5000km and has seen all kinds of weather. Opti-Bond is most definitely still there, especially noticeable when compared to the rear tires of identical make, model, size and age, which looked less dark and no sheen.

I somehow feel like Opti-Bond sprayed on with the gun makes it perform better and last longer.

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